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Sheokand Legal is a law firm which offers a broad spectrum of legal services including litigation, arbitration, corporate transaction advisory, documentation, and general legal consultancy. The firm ensures cost effective representation and personalized attention of its partners to maintain the best quality of work.

Our motto is to provide an effective legal solution through a team of best advocates in Chandigarh, Panchkula, and Haryana. We are committed to providing sound advice and practical legal solutions from the lawyers in Chandigarh. Since years, we have been known for the leading client-centric law firm in Chandigarh. At Sheokand Legal, a great emphasis is given for being responsive and responsible to the client while delivering the highest standards of accuracy and commitment.

When Do I Need A Lawyer In A Dispute Of Civil Nature?

There is no specific answer to this question, but, when you feel that a dispute has escalated beyond your reasonable ability of finding an amicable solution, you should certainly consult a lawyer. Sooner works better because even when the dispute has gone beyond your scope of resolution, an expert might still be in a position to mediate and save the parties from an essential waste of time and money in litigation.

Who Is The Best Advocate In Chandigarh?

Again the question in itself is vague and any answer to it is subjective. One must consider that there are at least fifty specialized field and each one of these need appreciation, practice and learning. Also, a passionate professional’s skillet is added with time, dedication and diligence. More you read, more you become – stands true for lawyers

What Is The Difference In Approach?

What makes all the difference is actually how a legal matter is approached and how systematically and logically it is conducted. Sheokand Legal is known for winning such lawsuits where there is little or no hope. Such matters are taken up as a challenge and our lawyers work in teams to revisit every minute detail in order to explore the merits. Every law point is thoroughly analyzed by a dedicated team of researches and then ae tested by our highly experienced Advocates in Chandigarh who are champions in the field, especially, in appellate and Constitutional Litigation in the High Court of Punjab & Haryana. At Sheokand legal it is ensured via mock trials that there is no room left for errors. Our counsels deeply invest themselves in their lawsuits in order to protect the rights and interest of the clients and ensure that at any point no litigant is misled or misguided. The ultimate difference is in the values that B&B upholds and the virtues it tends to protect.

Is Hiring The Best Lawyer Important? What Difference Does It Make?

It totally depends on how important is the victory. Many people find hiring the best advocate in Chandigarh as way more expensive than hiring a novice or a rookie lawyer. However when the stakes are high and the result of the case is likely to affect the life drastically, then hiring the best lawyers in Chandigarh regardless of the expense and giving it your best shot is the wise thing to do. There are situations and times where one cannot compromise on the quality and efficacy. That is when and why people prefer our best advocates in Chandigarh. However, in matters where a deep understanding or skill of an expert is not required and the stakes are not too high, then one should go for an advocate/ lawyer within the budget. The quality of the legal services rendered in a matter does make a difference in the result of a case. A callously/ improperly conducted litigation and a diligently carried one show very different on the judgment day. Legal field is one where quality and accuracy of the practitioner matters just as much as in the healthcare field.

Major Litigation Areas

About Us

In a field of justice and various laws, Sheokand Legal brings its experience in numerous disciplines. Ranked among the best lawyers of Punjab & Haryana tribunals. And the top lawyers who are known for prudence are our core team members. Our lawyers have systematically tested their matter and are thought of because of the best advocates in Chandigarh by numerous individual purchasers, business purchasers, and web-ranking systems. The senior advocates of the firm square measure the seasoned lawyers with years of practice and our experts. We are probing for high-profile lawsuits and sophisticated legal matters. Our lawyers keep committed to protecting the rights of our purchasers in the face of the harshest of the challenges and deploy innovative, advanced, and thoughtful measures to bring relief wherever others can’t.

Pursuing smartly on the course of justice, we take up legal matters before the District and Sessions Court in Chandigarh, The Punjab & Haryana tribunal, and the Supreme Court of our nation. We have a good and specialized team of lawyers for DRT, NCLT, District client Forum, Chandigarh, The Punjab State client Commission, and the Haryana State client Commission. Our experienced team is continuously oriented towards researching and innovating in the field of law.

Legal proceedings for NRI (Non Residents of India)

We make the legal procedure simple for NRI (Non-Resident-Indian) people through our experienced and dedicated core team and NRI Legal Wing. We make a specialty of NRI Dispute Resolution and different legal services for NRIs who are residents of Punjab, Haryana, and Chandigarh. Our NRI Legal Wing and expertise team with years of experience and practice provides proactive legal proceeding and provides all the legal services that are subject matters to Non-Residential of India. Even we can aid you in proceedings regarding the citizenship of India and property or land disputes. And also look into all the legal issues related to NRI’s which are as follows:-
NRI Property Transfer
NRI Property Fraud
NRI Divorce & settlement
NRI kid Custody/ Abduction
Criminal Trespass on NRI property
Partition Suits for NRI
Illegal Encroachment on NRI’s Property
Eviction on NRI’s property in the Republic of India
NRI Identity Fraud Matters
NRI Succession and Disputes
Probate of can in favor or NRI
WILL Challenge on behalf of NRI
Hence, we make litigations simple for all our Non-Residence Of Indian clients who probes out in search for lawyers experts in the segment, particularly in the region of Punjab, Haryana, and Chandigarh.

Every Person Who Walks Through Our Door Is Important To Us.

Justice is our biggest professional success.

Litigation & Lawsuits:

" I wanted to say thank you for helping to resolve my case quickly. I was completely dazzled by your communication skills and courage at the court hearing. "

" I just wanted you to know how grateful I am for your advice and guidance in this matter. "

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Litigation & Lawsuits:

We stand tall for the standard of legal services and brings a significant issue of responsibility all told its dealings. Because the leading client-centric and prime house in the region of Punjab, Haryana, and Chandigarh, we are sought-after in exigent and complicated lawsuits.

We represent an excellent vary of national, International, and NRI people in a while presenting complicated legal matters before various courts and tribunals in Tricity. The senior advocate members of the team have an associate degree, the expertise of several years, therefore, stand distinguished amongst the most effective advocates of Punjab & Haryana court. Over several decades of operation, attained an associate degree honored name for its diligent, focused, clear, realistic, and, prudent work culture. The house has achieved associate degree alone trust and name by conforming to an extremely productive culture deck, associate degreed by exhibiting an untied service motive towards its purchasers and their real cause.
The firm deals in legal matters and lawsuits of the subsequent nature in Punjab, Haryana, and Chandigarh. ‘Firm’s prime advocates in Punjab, Haryana, and Chandigarh don’t retreat from traveling that further mile to induce justice to the innocents and area unit noted for reasonableness, humility, and responsibleness’s in their skilled dealings.

Corporate Laws

Confirming to the best customary of expertise, we prefer a progressive, ethical, and clear approach in company law dealings and has expertise in line of work to transnational, corporate, and, business teams of all sizes. The firm ensures that its company law services are contributing to the wants of modern business people and extends company law dealings in Chandigarh within the nature of:

Regulatory Compliance
Documentation & Filing
Contract Drafting/ Reviewing/ Execution
Contract Negotiation
Incorporation Services
Formulation of SPV/ SPE
Policy framing and formulation of rules, tips, etc.
Merger & Acquisition
Public personal Partnership Project Management.
Portfolio Management
Subject-Wise Legal analysis Analysis
Litigation and NCLT proceedings.

The business believes our insight across a range of industries vis.:

Financial Services, Media & Technology, Telecommunications, producing, prescribed drugs, Infrastructure, holding rights, Competitive sports, Mining, Imports & Exports, etc. Criminal, Civil, Estate/Property, marital status, Writ/ Constitutional, Corporate/NCLT, Banking/DRT, Financial, Trade, Service Law Matters, etc.

Being extremely revolutionary, systematic and arranged in its approach, our expert team hosts skilled regular lawyers with mastery in their specific fields of law, associate degreed an in-house team of pragmatic rhetorical specialists, analysts, researchers, and orators, who put together an effort to bring hope to the heartsick lives.

Every Person Who Walks Through Our Door Is Important To Us.