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Anticipatory Bail

What is anticipatory bail? In simple terms, anticipatory bail or pre-bail period is a period of time when a person may be released on bail before the actual trial is taken place. This period can vary from one type of case to another. A criminal court can grant pre-trial release to someone charged with murder, if police have not yet arrested him/her. Prior to arrest, a person who is accused of committing an indictable offence is entitled to apply to the court for an order releasing him on bail. If he believes that he can meet the requirements of this order, the accused will apply for bail.

With us, you can get instant anticipatory bail. A great way to protect yourself if you are arrested, confiscated or detained before the trial begins. This can also help you in case your case goes to court. If you are arrested, we can help you get released on bail immediately. Our bail bonds agents can have you out of jail within hours. You can make bail in advance, which reduces the hassle of getting a court date and being present at the courthouse hours before your case starts. It’s a simple way to ensure you post bail first time, as well as supporting your defense.


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