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Civil Law Attorney

Sheokand  have highly skilled attorney having a prominent litigation practice, handling all types of civil law matters. We have the expertise and resources to handle your case and take it to a favorable conclusion. Our lawyers have appeared and represented clients before Punjab and Haryana High Court, Supreme Court of India and before the Districts Civil Courts of Punjab/Haryana/ UT Chandigarh, etc.

We are highly skilled lawyers with a prominent litigation practice in Civil Litigation. Our goal is to align the litigation strategy of your client with our ability to appropriately tackle likely legal action against our clients. We are well-versed in the intricacies of civil litigation, standing firm on our clients’ interests and providing strategic guidance to help define the leading legal strategies. We help you in getting the best possible legal advice, which will ideally lead to protection of your rights, an efficient litigation strategy and/or settlement negotiations in your favor.

Sheokand has expertise in handling Civil Suits of all nature and their Appeals. To give an overview following are some of the  civil suits that we handle:

  • Appeal before the District Judges;

  • Appeal before High Courts and Supreme Court of India

  • Suit for Partition of Movable or Immovable Properties

  • Suit for Declaration



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