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The attorneys at Sheokandlegal are highly experienced in representing clients in real estate cases. We provide legal representation for all types of zoning and property development projects, including construction defect claims and boundary violation claims against neighbors. Our lawyers also have substantial experience defending lenders from allegations of fraud and negligent lending due to unusual or suspicious loan terms or properties.  Whether you need a zoning permit for your next development, or want to pursue legal action against your neighbor for encroaching on your corner lot, Sheokandlegal is here to help you get through the process. We are your neighbors, so to speak. We know construction, and we know zoning. Let us bring our expertise to your project.

  • Disputes relating to Title of Immovable Property  
  • Disputes related to delay in possession of house/flats/kothi by builder
  • Disputes relating to timely payments or non-payment of rent 
  • Disputes relating to inherited property
  • Disputes between Buyers and Builders or Agent – For the fraud played on the buyers.



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